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Day 1: It was pretty hard and I was tired and grumpy and craved milk at the end of the day but what I ate was delicious and very nutritious.  



Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969 (and following days)

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Today has been one of those days… where good happens.  
Today was the second day of the Center for Living Peace Third Birthday Celebration.  I love working there.  Every time I am there I leave with a smile on my face and a mood like everything in the world is bright and I can make a difference.  The people I work with are so full of life and are so passionate about what they are doing.  Carrie is dedicated to what she does and works hard at everything, you can see it in the way she pays attention to detail.  Rory is like a pal to everyone, he is there but doesn’t always have to say anything except when he does its hilarious.  Shannon is the so funny I wanna cry just thinking about it.  Rebecca is quiet and cool, Ariana is like a big sister, and Ellen is always ready for a conversation.  I haven’t worked with them all that long but I just feel really welcomed by them and I like being around them a lot.  

Along with that the people that come to the center to teach classes are passionate and involved and care about things.  Ryan Lee teaches Qi Gong and today he was talking about giving yourself the gift of balance and peace and patience.  Treating yourself gently and kindly along with others.  You are deserving of patience.  He also mentioned yin and yang and how they are not two separate things but one symbol.  That everything is good and bad and we are not separate from our environment but a part of the whole.  Jessie Moon the yoga instructor is so good with kids.  She had everyone in mountain pose today and then went around blowing at them saying she is the wind and she is going to try to blow them down but they are strong mountains and don’t budge.  Carolyn Callard runs story time at the Center and every time I meet her she has surprised me with something she is involved in.  For instance she also teaches enrichment classes at local elementary schools with different subject on different days.  Mondays are science classes and she teaches about plate tectonics with crackers and peanut butter.  Then she also teaches speech and movement for a theater outreach program in Costa Mesa.  She always talks about what she has planned next and how she is preparing for the kids.  Today she was dressed in costume for her story time.  

Today was the third birthday celebration and we had a booth from Professor Matthews sustainability class and one of the members was my old friend Nikki who I used to ride the train home with during my second year.  It was so nice to see her and she told me about their project which involved sustainable arts and crafts by upcycling and recycling old materials.  Another booth was a re-creation of Soul Pancake’s ball pit video which if you haven’t seen you should watch.  It mostly became a play pit for kids but for the few people that sat and talked in it I think it was a great experience.  I know I had fun taking group pictures in there.  There was also a super foods booth where we got to make health bars from cashew butter, honey, cacao nuts, and chia seeds.  It was so yummy and very natural.   Overall today has just left me feeling inspired and feeling good about where I work and the people I am working with and it makes me want to live with peace in my heart knowing that days like today are possible.  Stand out days.  Days where I feel that I have connected with people around me in meaningful ways, where the day mattered and I mattered and God mattered.  

Good definitely happens.  

PS I saw a hawk today too <3

Flobots “Handlebars” ASL